Term dates, Dances, Day Schools

Our new term will begin on Weds 12th January 2022.

The events shown in this table remain subject to alteration in the event of any change to Government guidelines and/or re-imposition of restrictions. Please note that our New Year Dance, Sat 15th January 2022, is CANCELLED.

Our teaching classes normally run from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. unless otherwise advised. For the time being, our classes will be shorter, finishing at 9.30 p.m.

2022Weds 12 JanStart of Term, including Beginners’ CourseConfirmed
2022Sat 15 JanNew Year Dance with Ian SlaterCANCELLED
2022Thurs 10 FebCommittee MeetingZoom – 10.30 a.m.
2022Sat 26 MarCheshire Wyche Ball Planned
2022Weds 30 MarLast teaching classPlanned
2022Weds 6 AprEnd of Term Social DancingPlanned
2022Weds 27 AprStart of TermPlanned
2022Weds 11 MaySocial Dancing, followed by AGMPlanned
2022Weds 18 MayVisitors’ Invitation EveningPlanned
2022Thurs 19 MayCommittee MeetingZoom – 10.30 a.m.
2022Weds 25 MayLast teaching classPlanned
2022Weds 1 JunEnd of Term Social dancingPlanned
2022Weds 8 JunSummer Social DancingPlanned
2022Weds 15 JunSummer Social DancingPlanned
2022Sat 18 JunNice & Easy Dance
7.30 to 10.30 p.m.
2022Weds 22 JunSummer Social DancingPlanned
2022Weds 29 JunSummer Social DancingPlanned
2022Weds 6 JulSummer Social DancingPlanned
2022Weds 13 JulFinal Summer Social DancingPlanned
2022Weds 7 SeptStart of New SeasonPlanned
2022Sat 15 OctNice & Easy DancePlanned
2022Thurs 20 OctCommittee Meetingtba
2022Sat 19 NovDay SchoolPlanned
2022Weds 7 DecLast Teaching ClassPlanned
2022Weds 14 DecEnd of Term SocialPlanned
2023Weds 11 JanStart of TermPlanned
2023Sat 14 JanNew Year DancePlanned
2023Thurs 9 FebCommittee Meetingtba
2023Weds 22 MarLast Teaching ClassPlanned
2023Sat 25 MarWyche BallPlanned
2023Weds 29 MarEnd of Term SocialPlanned
2023Weds 19 AprStart of TermPlanned
2023Thurs 20 AprJoint Ball CommitteePlanned
2023Weds 10 MaySocial/AGMPlanned
2023Weds 17 MayVisitors’ Invitation EveningPlanned
2023Thurs 18 MayCommittee Meetingtba
2023Weds 24 MayLast Teaching ClassPlanned
2023Weds 31 MayEnd of Season SocialPlanned
2023Weds 7 JuneSummer SocialPlanned
2023Weds 14 JuneSummer SocialPlanned
2023Sat 17 JuneNice & Easy DancePlanned
2023Weds 21 JuneSummer SocialPlanned
2023Weds 28 JuneSummer SocialPlanned
2023Weds 5 JulySummer SocialPlanned
2023Weds 12 JulySummer SocialPlanned