Please note that in the current Coronavirus situation the Nice & Easy Dance planned to take place on Sat 24 October 2020 has been CANCELLED.

The planned programme will be carried forward to a future Nice & Easy dance. Owing to government restrictions on large indoor gatherings and on energetic close-contact activities, which unfortunately includes dancing, we are unable to give a date at present, but please be assured – we will be back to dancing as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please click here to contact our Ticket Secretary Dennis Ridley for any questions in the meantime.

This would have been the programme – it will be used for a future dance.
Click on the link below to download a Cribsheet.

RMaxwell’s RantJJig to the Music
JThe Linton PloughmanRFraser’s Favourite
SThe Paisley WeaversSButterscotch and Honey
RThe White CockadeRMiss Johnstone of Ardrossan
JThe Rothesay RantJJoie de Vivre
SS-LocomotionSCherrybank Gardens
RVirginia ReelRMairi’s Wedding
S12 Coates Crescent
JThe Jubilee Jig